Mission / Vision / Values


R2 Fitness offers a sophisticated and scientifically based system of health and fitness solutions, executed by highly educated and experienced professionals, to ensure optimal, time-sensitive results for individuals in the music, fashion, film, and sporting communities.


Provide management/agents a simple way to track clients’ time-sensitive results for upcoming events with one phone call.

Provide systematic solutions for individual health / wellness / fitness goals.

Prevent injury during exercise.

Provide clients with scientifically proven principles to help achieve custom programs for each individual.

Transform the way programs and services are delivered to artists due to higher education and proven application of training techniques.


Integrity: We prescribe exercises that we believe have a sound scientific base that provide the greatest benefit with the least possible risk to the client.

Skill: We provide the best quality in everything that we do.

Accountability: We take responsibility for our commitments, and we pledge to help our clients in be theirs commitments.

Innovation: We are creative in the implementation of our services.

Repeatability: We follow progressive and proven systems of personal training that ensure results.

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