The R2 Fitness Difference


The fitness industry is not regulated or governed to assure quality, consistency, or educational standards. Trainers may hold an accredited certification(s) from a home study course and a weekend workshop, but very few have any formal education.


The industry is relatively young and has not fully leveraged intangible assets such as structured mentorships, practical application of knowledge, and systematic progression to refine client results.

Fads, gimmicks, and anecdotal evidence are often highlighted in personal training programs, nutritional counseling, and soft tissue work rather than scientific facts and principles.
Many trainers are hired based on client-name recognition rather than on measurable skills and success.

Multi-Faceted Approach
The specific programs are often determined by the practitioner’s interests. Trainers that enjoy yoga and spinning will typically structure their programs around these activities rather than adopting a multi-faceted program targeted at the client’s stated goals, needs, or desires. Read detailed reviews about gambling at Casinos Capital.


Evidence-Based Programming
R2 Fitness trainers far exceed industry standards and expectations, because all (aside from a few gifted trainers) hold a degree in an exercise-related field. They attend continuing education workshops regularly, and must go through education from B2C: Integrated Education System trainings. Because our trainers base their programs on proven scientific principles, they are able to repeatedly deliver your desired results.

Industry Leadership and Experience
R2 Fitness owner, Rick Richey, is an experienced trainer and educator in the fitness industry with graduate degree in exercise science. He is currently an adjunct professor for undergraduate/graduate courses at California University of Pennsylvania (California, PA), a national/international industry speaker, and an educator for industry-leading education providers. He has logged tens of thousands of hours across the country instructing practitioners how to train their clients.
R2 Fitness trainers must meet the highest standards in the industry. After passing a thorough employment screening, they must continue to work with our industry educational partner, B2C Integrated Fitness Solutions, for advancements in program design and development.


We are keenly aware of the client’s goals, need for privacy, and comfort and commitment levels. We take time to assess vital information with our clients to understand them and their goals, ensuring a razor-sharp, tailor-made program for their fitness needs.

Integrated Systems
Our integration of multiple modalities sets us above many fitness experts. We provide industry-elite trainers, Registered Dieticians, wellness coaches, and licensed massage therapists to provide our clients with every possible means for success.

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