Personal Training

In an industry with no regulations, R2 Fitness sets the highest standards for our trainers so that our clients can feel safe and confident in the work being done.

Our sophisticated program designs are constructed to promptly obtain specific results for photo/video shoots, live performances, TV/film appearances, and other key events. We strive to deliver time-sensitive and measurable results to the artists/athlete and report progress back to management.

Our trainers are among the highest qualified, most experienced, and most educated professionals in the industry.

We offer quantifiable results. All training programs begin with an initial assessment, followed by progressive workouts geared toward the client’s goals. Assessments continue periodically, with results relayed back to management and agents.

Our collective client list includes numerous film/television actors, musicians, fashion models, and professional athletes. All of which are made to feel comfortable, safe, and motivated.

Rick Richey

from SHAPE magazine
September, 2006

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