R2 Fitness works with athletes on principles of human movement in order to decrease injury while increasing the rate of force production, acceleration and deceleration speed, agility, quickness, sport specific strength and metabolic conditioning.

R2 Fitness uses sophisticated training systems with an integrated and progressive slant to develop client-specific patterns of muscle recruitment, joint arthrokinematics, length tensions relationships, and neuromuscular efficiency.

Athletes benefit from R2 Trainers’ experience and education as they are thoroughly assessed by our performance enhancement specialists to identify weaknesses by doing muscle length tests, muscle strength tests, and integrated movement assessments. Once the weaknesses in the kinetic chain are found, whether they are in the form of flexibility, stability, mobility, or strength limitations, we immediately design a program to specifically and systematically address the problem(s).

R2 Fitness provides:

Better Movement

Increased Stamina and Endurance

Increased Strength and Power

Increased Function for Specific Sporting Events (not coaching)

Increased Metabolic Conditioning

Weight Management (Increase or Decrease)

Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ ) Training

Hypertrophy (when needed)

Optimize Landing and Deceleration Mechanics

All programs are based off initial assessments, and results will be measurable.

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