The fashion industry employs the most beautiful faces and figures in the world to frame products such as clothing, accessories, perfume, and eye wear. R2 Fitness uses the combination of science, art, and experience to provide quantifiable and time-sensitive body shaping results to our clientele.
In the fashion industry, standards tend to lean toward the “firm, but not too firm – soft, but not too soft” look. Our highly sophisticated program design and dietary support help your clients promptly obtain results for upcoming events.
R2 Fitness staff members are the most professional and seasoned trainers in the business. We do not get involved with clients’ career choices, personal lives, or private matters, nor will our staff share personal information with them. We maintain a professional tone in our sessions while fostering a fun, tough, results-oriented atmosphere.

R2 Fitness adheres to the CFDA’s Health Initiative Guidelines.

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