Management and Agents

R2 Fitness services save management teams time by consolidating data on the artists’/athletes’ fitness, nutrition, measurements, and commitment level. Management can contact their R2 Fitness representative for client progress, so there is no need to track down numerous individual specialists (personal trainers, massage therapist, nutritionist, etc.) for multiple artists.
R2 Fitness provides management teams evidence-based total fitness systems with quantifiable results for artist, talent, and athletes. Our one-stop service seamlessly provides detailed results of all facets of a client’s fitness regime. Our experienced personal trainers, registered dieticians and massage therapists have degrees in their field of study and use current research and evidence-based practices to achieve the highest standards in the fitness industry, prevent injury, reach desired body weight/figure/form and posture, and increase function, flexibility, stamina and overall performance.
Your peace of mind comes with knowing our staff comprising the fitness industry elite is managing the health and fitness of your clients, freeing you to focus on other aspects of your clients’ careers.

We accommodate location work or travel.
We adhere to the highest ethical standards to protect our clients’ privacy.

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